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Garment Printing

What is Transfer Printing?

Transfer Printing is great for single colour designs, individual names, and numbers.

The design is cut out from a sheet of transfer vinyl using a machine, it is then placed over the garment and heat sealed onto it using what can only be described as an oversized iron!

We would recommend transfer printing for names, numbers, and short runs on a budget.

Transfer Artwork Guide
How do I send my artwork?

For transfer printing artwork needs to be sent to us in a vectorised format. Because everything is cut out by a machine the lines need to be very precise, and this can only really be achieved by using a vector.

We also require all text to be converted to outline as we only have a limited selection of fonts!

What is a vector image?

In short, rather than an image being made up from lots of tiny coloured pixels, a vector image is based upon mathematical equations to work out the lines, curves and shapes. This means that vector images can be resized and not distort or pixelate.

If you don't have your artwork in a vectorised format and need it to be redrawn, we do offer a service to redraw your artwork, please contact us for more information.



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